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About B.U.S.T.

Bucknell University Ski Team has a history equally illustrious as the university itself.  Its roots can be traced back to 1851, thirty years before the University officially adopted the name by which we know it today, when a group of dedicated adventurers would religiously trek out to local ridges and earn turns all weekend long.  James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States of America and an important member on fledgling Bucknell’s executive board, was so enamored with the sport that he began making significant yearly donations to the club.  With this money came legitimacy and Bucknell University Ski Team became an official club of the University in 1898.  Until the late 1970s, free skiing was the name of the game, as members would go wherever the snow took them, most visably skitching behind horse-drawn carriges prevalant in Lewisburg.  B.U.S.T. finally joined the Allegheny Collegiate Ski Conference (ACSC) in 1980, the year the conference received its charter.  In these times, racers laced up their leather boots and oiled down their 210cm wooden skis with whale blubber to compete for the league championship.

The BUST family, maintained for over one hundred and ten years, welcomes new members with or without previous racing experience. Based upon the annual funding our organization receives from the school, dues are calculated in order to provide enjoyment above and beyond members’ expectations.


2015 Officers

Temerson Alexander

Cristina Bartolacci

Wilson Powell

Danielle Sargenti